Celeriac Spaghetti with Brazil Nut & Watercress pesto


Celeriac is my new favourite vegetable. When I saw this vegetable in my veg box for the first time, I was sceptical. But a simple use of my spiralizer and sautéing it in a pan with my watercress pesto made it a heavenly meal I could eat very often! More importantly it is in season right now – so enjoy it while you can:)

You just need:
– As much spiralized Celeriac as you like (you can always make
a big batch and store it in the fridge in order to enjoy it throughout the whole week and add it to your lunch box).

For the Pesto add the following ingredients into a (mini) food processor:
– 100g watercress
– 10 Brazil Nuts
– 2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now add the Celeretti and pesto into a pan and just warm it up a little. Optionally top with Cherry tomatoes and enjoy your very healthy and delicious pasta experience.

Enjoy and have a lovely rest of your weekend!