My Favourite Healthy London Eateries: For A Coffee, Brunch Or Just An Afternoon Snack


Whenever I travel to different places in the world, I am always happy to find an up-to-date guide to the best healthy eating spots. That is why I am starting a new series of my favourite food places around the world, beginning with my hometown of London.

Here are my favourites of the moment. Please feel free to tell me if I have left out an amazing place that you think I should try. I hope this list can be of use to you and your friends and family whenever you are looking for a place to eat good, nutritious food and drink delicious juices and hot drinks, relax and chat. 

The Good Life Eatery

One of my long time favourites. It never gets old. There is food and drink for every mood and size of appetite, dietary preference. Little chia puddings for a pre-workout snack, big bowls of salads, falafels and hummus, teriyaki salmon, acai bowls, granola and eggs of all kinds. I can't wait for a bigger space some day to enjoy more of the 'good life' vibe. 

Egg Break Ldn

It's no secret that I love eggs and I love how this place gets so creative with it. I enjoy the poached eggs florentine on corn fritters. But there is so much good stuff on the menu that it will take me a few more visits to try it all. Tucked away behind Notting Hill Gate station, make sure you are there early on the weekend, otherwise you will have to wait in a big queue to get a table in this very cute, bright, living-room like interior.

26 Grains

Whether you are in need of sweet warming porridge combined with the most delicious toppings of seasonal fruit compote or superfoods, or you would like to try 'savoury porridge' made from brown rice with delicious food combinations, 26 Grains will keep you happy with whatever your tastebuds are in the mood for. There is something for everyone. Last week I enjoyed the winter smoothie bowl topped with homemade granola and coconut shavings. It definitely hit the spot. 

Farm Girl Cafe

If I had to choose one 'office for the day cafe' in London, this would be my choice. The interior is like a big hug and makes you feel instantly at home. Everyone can find delicious meals on the menu, ranging from berry pancakes (which are gluten free but you would never guess), poached eggs and avocado on scrumptious sourdough, acai bowls, schnitzels with nutty crusts for the meat lovers and amazing big sourdough sandwiches either with coconut bacon or chicken. 

If you are lucky, you will meet their wonderful dog Bronte who sometimes loves to say hello. Not sure if it is because he loves humans or wants a little bite of your food. Maybe both. 

Wild Food Cafe

This was one of my first introductions to the craziest and most fascinating foods of this planet and how much you can work with food to make it even better for you. Fermented vegetables which I never thought I would like are thrown into the menu and I have yet to eat anything here that was less than delicious. 

My usual go to is the Raw Burger when I am really hungry. When I am not so hungry I like to choose one of their special salads of the day and maybe some hummus and crackers on the side. 

The vibe is amazing, the waiters so fun and always up for a good chat, the music is always upbeat and it just all seems like a big happy family in the middle of buzzing Neals Yard in Covent Garden. Don't be surprised to make new friends with the people sitting next to you. 

East London Juice Co. 

The name can be misleading as it is SO much more than juice. This cute place located in the Shoreditch Box Park has been my latest discovery and although it doesn't have much seating space, this cafe packs all the coziness of this world into one little spot. Be prepared for the most delicious and unusual hot drinks, paleo waffles, acai bowls and vegan 'bone' broth. My go to combination is the green latte or the golden turmeric latte paired with 'Cave(wo)man Waffles'. If you are still hungry grab a delicious protein ball or various mouthwatering snacks from their fridge. 

Planet Organic

I am always happy whenever it turns out that during lunch I am somewhere near a Planet Organic and their amazing food counter. Every dish seems well through and even if you are not vegetarian, you will find everything you need and leave with a satisfied palate and belly. The changing menu of warm dishes ranges from spelt lasagne, to brown rice with dhal, vegetable curry, sweet potato wedges, frittata and much more. The salads are creative and delicious too such as raw pad thai, zoodles, supergreen salads, 'not all boring kale salad', etc. And you can top it all with yummy sauces such as a chia and sesame dressing. You can also order a variety of juices, hot drinks like matcha and turmeric lattes or find more delicous organic food in the rest of the shop. 

Raw Press

Their cafe on Dover street is a favourite place for me between classes, where I can focus on my admin whilst sipping on an almond cappuccino and enjoying their superfood breakfast buffet. My breakfast bowl always packs in every flavour and food I can find: Most times it is a bit of chia pudding, coconut yogurt, bircher muesli, granola, cacao nibs, bee pollen, fresh berries, cinnamon and almond butter. If that doesn't float your boat, you can opt for a creamy lush acai bowl, a yummy avocado toast or a good old bowl of porridge with interesting toppings. If you are staying for lunch enjoy their daily changing salad menus or get a comforting baked sweet potato.