Vitamojo Event

On Tuesday I had the pleasure to attend an event by Vitamojo, a revolutionary food concept that will no doubt change the way we pick our lunch and dinner, especially so for busy city dwellers.

Vitamojo makes a personal chef and nutritionist tailored delicious meal available to everyone at reasonable prices. The vision is to make it easier for everyone to eat and feel better without having to hire expensive nutritionists or personal chefs.

Co-founder Nick guided us through the Vitamojo concept. You customise your meal either on the IPads in store or at your own screen, choosing the exact quantities and grams of every food. It will show you the exact amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and the calories of your meal. 

At the moment you can order it around St. Pauls in London, either by popping into the store on 22 Carter Lane (your meal will be ready in no more than 2 minutes) or you order via Deliveroo. 

I enjoyed a lovely portion of salmon with wild rice, sweet potato mash, red cabbage and kale salad. The flavours were amazing without having any additives or sugars added to the meal. It comes to no surprise with the head chef being Paul Davies, a head chef at the prestigious Tom's Kitchen

I am excited to see where this is going and when I am around St. Pauls I know where to get a meal that tailors exactly to what my body needs on a particular day.